Thursday 29 June 2023
7.30pm to 8:30pm

Join us for faith and fellowship!

Come join our next Digital Evangelisation Forum on Thursday 29 June!

The Digital Evangelisation Forum (DEF) team is experimenting with new ways to support our members in accessing the many wonderful electronic (and often free!) resources that now exist to bring the wonder and beauty of the faith to ourselves, our friends and family, and to new frontiers.

At our last session in April, we discussed various new catechetical resources like Real+True and Fr Michael Schmitz’s very engaging reading and explanation of the Catechism in a Year. The consensus was that we get much more from our DEF sessions if we watch the videos or listen to the podcasts beforehand, and then come together on zoom to share ideas, perspectives and fellowship.

With this in mind, the DEF team would like to recommend a recent Word on Fire series on the relationship between faith and science called Wonder: the harmony of faith and science which you can also view on YouTube. Produced only earlier this year, the series of five short videos (around 15 minutes each) each engages a different aspect of the engagement between science and faith, including (for example) how St Augustine’s reading of Genesis already prefigured some of the findings of evolutionary biology, and what cosmology today can tell us about the creation of the universe. The fifth episode is particularly fascinating (and beautiful) as it looks at the geometry of the North Rose Window in Chartes Cathedral and explains how it points (mathematically!) to the theology of salvation.

As we know that faith can sometimes fall away because of the perceived discrepancies between science and religion, this series is very timely, particularly for young people who may believe that there is a conflict between science and religion. But the DEF team also recommends it for everyone because it is so engaging, and we hope that if you are able to watch it you might also be able to join us for the next DEF session on the evening of 29 June to share your views and enjoy fellowship together.

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The Digital Evangelisation Team