If you would like to become a Branch Member, or to find out if there is a Branch near you,
please contact General Secretary via email at
or via our postal address:
PO Box 3192, Cotham, Victoria 3101, Australia.
We can also help you start a Branch of the League in your parish, school, university or workplace.

If you are interested in joining a vital group of Catholic women trying to change the world through prayer and action, we have a number of membership options available—Branch Membership, General Membership and a combined membership with the Anima Women’s Network.

Membership of the Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga is open to every Catholic woman.

Branch Membership:

Branch Membership costs $35 a calendar year and these funds directly benefit the work of the League. We have branches of the League throughout Victoria and Wagga Wagga. Branch meetings give members an opportunity to meet one another, to pray together, keep up to date about League activities, and to be involved in carrying out the work of the League locally. Branch Membership is ideal for someone who is available to attend meetings during the day.

General Membership:

General Membership also costs $35 a calendar year. It’s the ideal membership if you would like to be involved in the work of the League, but cannot attend Branch meetings on a regular basis or if there is no Branch nearby. Becoming a General Member is also a great way of supporting the vital work of the League even if you’re busy!

catholic womens league of victoria and wagga wagga

Address: PO Box 3192, Cotham, Victoria 3101, Australia.