Anima Women’s Apostolate

The newest apostolate, formerly known as the Anima Women’s Network, it is currently developing and adapting its earlier mission from 2003 and experience with the aim of “animating” the Catholic Women’s League Victoria and Wagga Wagga membership from within – by exploring new approaches to formation, spiritual enrichment and solidarity.

It encourages women with concrete examples of sanctity and women’s “genius”. Anima pays close attention to the building up of formation in faith, the nurture of the soul and to promotion of a healthy personal integration of life, health and strength in women and their families.

Its purpose is to form and promote through its resources and events – the four pillars of its animating apostolate:

Anima aims to:

  1. nurture the HEART and soul in LOVE – with spiritual and liturgical events for women
  2. form the MIND and imagination in TRUTH – in the design and offering of accessible and attractive adult education and formation (Anima Education programs and classes which are open to men and women and people of all ages)
  3. encourage a truly INTEGRATED and humane way of BEING – by building upon beauty and activities which bring together the hand, mind and heart (as in our Advent retreat days)
  4. build and promote the GOOD and WHOLENESS – through sound notions of the human person, of virtue and the promotion of a “Culture of Life” in society.

Anima Education

During the difficult lockdown years of 2020 and 2021 in Victoria, one distinct arm of the Apostolate, Anima Education, has responded to the real hunger for truth and understanding. In working with our two expert and experienced educators, David Schütz and Natasha Petrakos (née Marsh), Anima has assembled core and introductory courses in philosophy, Church history, scripture and theology.

catholic womens league of victoria and wagga wagga

Address: PO Box 3192, Cotham, Victoria 3101, Australia.