An Introduction to Philosophy

What’s Wrong with the World?

This series seeks to introduce you to Philosophy as a practical subject that you can apply to your own life,
covering key figures and ideas, but most importantly giving you the skills to explain and defend your thoughts –
an invaluable asset in a world that is rapidly losing the ability to think.

For more details, see the Unit Outline here
10 hours of interactive lecture/discussion (5 x 2-hour sessions).

Natasha Marsh, MA Th, BLibA, AMusA Musicianship:
Natasha is a former journalist
MA in Theological Studies from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family.
Lectures in philosophy, theology and ethics at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney.
Teaches Core Curriculum at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne.

Monday nights – from 10 May to 7 June 2021

This unit is offered in both face-to-face mode at Mary Glowrey House and on Zoom.
Zoom classes will broadcast Natasha’s live lectures (facilitated by David Schütz).

COST: $95
When enrolling please indicate which mode you wish to participate in.
UNIT OUTLINE: Download here

RSVP: Thursday 6 May
COURSE ENQUIRIES: David Schütz 0400 978 938 or
ENROLMENT ENQUIRIES: Mary Long 0409 979 923 or

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